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DIY Shaving Cream

diy shaving cream

Ladies! Let me just start by saying I’ve had the best shaving experience of my life. I made my own shaving cream and it’s made a world of a difference. If I’m being honest, I don’t shave my legs all that often. Just if I have an extra special event or once the hair on my legs starts to get pulled by my pants…that’s the main influence, really. Since we’re heading into summer, I thought I’d share my DIY shaving cream recipe for you to try out.

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Top 5 Beauty Faves of 2017

Before I get into my fave beauty products of 2017, let me give you a little context. Everything I use is, to the best of my knowledge, cruelty free – that is my number one criteria. On a less serious note, I’m on a never ending quest to have perfect skin.

I consulted a MD who specializes in dermatology to get to the nitty gritty of my skin care routine. I’ve never had problematic skin, it’s a little sensitive and I’m just a secretly vain person. Here’s what I learned: water is your best friend. Your hair and skin can’t benefit from hydration if your body isn’t taken care of first. Pore size has a genetic component so you may never see the minimized results you’re looking for. And when it comes to your skincare routine, less is more.

With this knowledge in hand, here are the top five beauty products I’ve been crushing on so far this year.

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Astrology 101


Astrology goes way beyond the typical idea of your sign or daily horoscope. The science behind it is far more complex and personalized than most people realize.  In order to see the broader picture of this ancient art., there are a few key concepts to understand. We dive in head first to help you tackle the basics of astrology.

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Ottawa Summer Send Off

A few weeks ago we were approached by a lovely Ottawa blogger about having our jewellery collection featured in a local styled photo shoot. The theme: a summer soirée to say goodbye to the last days of summer. We immediately jumped on board and were so excited to see the end result. After a lot of hard work and planning, the creative team made up of several local artists, bloggers and talent created a beautiful shoot that we’re excited to share with yo below. A big thanks to everyone involved and we hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do
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