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DIY Photo Clothes Line

DIY Photo Clothes Line

This DIY project is a simple and inexpensive way to display your favourite photos. You only need four materials and a friend to look through all your photo memories with.


  • your favourite photos
  • mini clothes pins
  • twine or string
  • thumb tacks
  • fairy lights (optional)


STEP 1: Collect a group of your favourite photos to pin to your clothes line. You can use a mix of shapes and sizes and play around with black and white or colour shots. I used a photography studio service to make some old and new photos look like Polaroids for a vintage-inspired look.

DIY Photo Clothes Line

STEP 2: Cut your string to the desired length and tie a small loops on each end – this will be where you’ll hang them on the wall. Push your thumb tacks into the wall and hang your string.

DIY Photo Clothes Line

STEP 3: Clip your photos along the string with mini clothe pins – I got mine from Michaels. You can also add twinkly fairy lights like these copper bulbs I also found at Michaels. After this you’re done!

img_6375-640x960DIY Photo Clothes Line

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