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Creating A Productive Workspace

Creating a proper work space is essential to any at-home business. Whether you’re a creative maker, freelance writer or run your own storefront,  a lot of desk work is a necessary part of the job. From answering emails to managing your online store, creating a space where you can stay focused and organized is a life saver. For this week’s maker spotlight, we chatted with the beauty and brains behind Dayna Lee Collection to bring you inspiration and advice on how to create a productive workspace of your own.

Dayna started her creative business in March 2014. Without much of a vision or direction on where her new journey would take her, she started selling her hand-lettered goods on Etsy with fierce determination to change her life. Fast forward a few short years and she’s turned her dreams into a brand that empowers and inspires women all over the world. Her collection features beautiful high-quality pillows, art prints and accessories with hand lettered quotes that inspire a #GIRLBOSS mentality while on the path to building your own empire.


For almost two years Dayna ran her business from her living room. “I felt like I wasn’t taking myself seriously enough and finally dedicated a space upstairs in my home for my small business. I was excited because this was something all of my own. I didn’t need to consider my husband and children when thinking about decor and I just had fun with it.”

Before creating her own space, Dayna says she designed her products and managed her online shop from a small desk in the middle of the busiest room in her house. The loud and distracting space didn’t allow her to be productive and made her feel disorganized and overwhelmed.

“When running a business, it’s important to have that dedicated space so that you can actually go to work. This is not a hobby and you need room to focus, create, and build that empire.”

While designing her office, Dayna said it was important for the overall look to be aligned with the branding of her business while also sticking to an affordable budget.

“I picked up an inexpensive pink desk and matching shelf for under $300 at IKEA. I brought in small pieces that made me happy and arranged them on my desk. I didn’t rush the project but rather kept adding small, beautiful pieces over time that represented me – who I am, what I love, and what I’m striving for.”

Dayna believes that your workspace should have YOU written all over it. “This is a dedicated area for your creativity and hard work so it should be a space that you find inviting and comfortable.” While incorporating a dedicated space for creating your goods is important, she says that hidden storage is an essential to keep tidy and organised. Adding in Tiffany & Co boxes and Kate Spade décor inspired her space while still having a useful purpose.

office shot

“My favourite part of my workspace is the feeling I get when I step away and admire it from afar. Everything from the two small macaroons sitting on the shelf, to the faux peonies, to my own prints that sit in front of the desk, they all belong. The space just glows and feels like magic. The happiness that it exudes is by far my most favourite part.”

While working from home can be hard, Dayna’s advice for staying productive is to set a proper schedule for your work, limit your time on social media and work during the times you feel the most productive.

“Through the days I struggle with productivity, I remind myself of what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and the amazing things that will come if I just sit down and work. I even designed a print for this very concept and it stares at me every time I sit at my desk. So my advice is, take a step back, remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing and the fact that you’re doing what so many others dream of doing. We’re pretty lucky & you got this!

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