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Gifts To Give Your Bridesmaids

Wedding season is upon us and brides and their maidens everywhere are working hard to make the big day a beautiful success. Between the dress fittings and wedding day pee breaks, your bridesmaids are there through thick and thin. This week’s handmade roundup is dedicated to showcasing unique gift ideas to give to your bridesmaids from the handmade community.


Paper Rose Earrings by Birch Jewellery

Jewellery – Giving jewellery as a thank you gift has been a tradition brides have been doing for years. Choose something unique that will not only compliment your wedding colour theme, but also your bridesmaids’ personal style. These delicate paper rose earrings, made by yours truly, are a perfect pair to give your bridesmaids and are small enough that your flower girl could wear them too. // Buy Here



Ring Dish by Spry CeramicsRing Dish – It’s happened to the best of us… You’ve tucked yourself into bed for the night and realise you’ve left your earrings on. You take them off, put them on you bedside table and they’re never to be seen again because: a) the cat managed to hide them in her secret lair  b) the same monster who steals your socks got to them c) they slipped under the bed. The point is, a ring dish can go a long way and makes the perfect gift for your girls to keep their goodies in.  // Buy Here


Tote by Dayna Lee Collection

Girl Boss Tote – The months and weeks leading up to the wedding day, your bridesmaids will have a lot of things to carry. From dress fittings, the rehearsal dinner and a place to store comfy shoes and sweat pants for the ride home, get her a snazzy tote bag to get from point A to B in style. These inspirational #GIRLBOSS totes will do the trick. // Buy Here



Survival Kit by Sweet Talk DesignsSurvival Kit – Shit happens, we can all agree on that. Bumps and bruises, wardrobe malfunctions, chapped lips, they’re all part of being a bride’s support system. These mini emergency kits are perfect to let your bridesmaids know that you have their back. Equipped with every little thing they may unexpectedly need, they also fit perfectly in a clutch for optimal carriage. // Buy Here



A Long Weekend Soy Candle by Campy Scented Candle & A Day At The Spa – Weddings can be as stressful as they are fun which is why a good pampering is usually needed after a long day of dancing, hugging and crying. Pair a relaxing scented candle with a gift card to your girl pal’s favourite spa to show her how much you care. You can even tag along!  // Buy Here




Vintage Perfume Bottle by Alice and Mae BridalVintage Perfume Bottle – A vintage perfume bottle filled with their favourite scent makes for a pretty awesome gift. Not only is it super gorgeous, it adds a personal touch to an already practical gift they’d use. You can go for something fancy or find a bottle in their favourite colour. The best part about vintage is they’re one-of-a-kind just like your girls.  // Buy Here




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